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V12-13 ISSUE FOUND. Adaptive GPU performance Scale

SaltK1ngSaltK1ng Posts: 2
CANT POST LINK !! :( but Adaptive GPU Performance Scaling is messing with oculus. Messing with this it caused massive issues with my hmd cv1. since getting a 2080 ti and just going all out it has saved me all the crashes and stutter issues i had with my 1070 ti. sad to say but anything under a 1090 ti cant handle vr in games like iracing and assetto Corsa. which is fine i get it not supported blah blah but anyways, watch this video i changed my setting before starting oculus home and created double headsets one says plugged in one says not even though it is securely in place. I noticed the issuues big time on a certin track i race on getting my new gpu fixed issues, now alot of issues are back. white flashes 45 fps WITH A 2080 TI lol. when before update it was 90 solid all day any day any track.


  • Mazda_RonMazda_Ron Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    This is the fix I found and also cannot link to my Reddit post or YouTube video, it's very frustrating, I've posted in rift discussions and awaiting the post to show up in the support sub section.
  • SaltK1ngSaltK1ng Posts: 2
     it seems like this issues somehow carries into the quest with the link cables and the rifts with the hmd cables. idk what happened the updates were going so clean, im going to try and mess with your ideas a bit more. like i said i tried messing with adaptive gpu before starting oculus and had to restart entire pc. i still have 2 headsets showing and i cant remove either device! major bug.! may have to re install fresh meow. wth?
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