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Arizona Sunshine Crashs on start

MuschnikMuschnik Posts: 3

I recently bought a Rift S After using the Rift several years. So I tried every game I have and Arizona Sunshine crashes on start. After crashing, it returns to my 3D home.
I use the Oculus store version. Reinstallation didn‘t help - Same result. It worked the last time I played it on Rift but this was more than 1 year ago - so no idea which version worked.

any ideas?


  • Pic0oPic0o Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    I don't have any answers but I did have a single crash the first time I played.  It was pretty early in at the first achievement pop up.  I loaded the game again (no reinstall) and had not had a crash since the first time.  I played the game multiple times to complete the base story content, without any DLC.

    Did you see any error messages in your Windows Event Logs? [You can view them by running 'eventvwr.msc' in a cmd window].  Maybe there is something relating to Arizona Sunshine and the crashes in there?

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