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How to download Relumino app in Germany via Oculus ?

bmichybmichy Posts: 4
Hi Team,

I received a Redeem Code from The website "" . This is afflicted to Samsung's core R&D. 

But when I add the Redeem code onto my Oculus Redeem code (Menu more) it errors "Invalid Code" can you please assist ? This is regarding Low vision assistance app. It is critical for me.



  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,002 Volunteer Moderator
    edited January 10
    Yeah, the codes the site is giving out seem to be invalid now.
    The fact that the youtube video on the Relumino website has been changed to private makes me think it might be an abandoned project (I can't find any actual evidence of that though, but its suspicious).

    The partnership between samsung and oculus ended last year, there won't be any new oculus powered Gear VR headsets and any phone from the Note 10 onward won't be supported. So Samsung codes being redeemed in Oculus software may be a casualty of that.
  • bmichybmichy Posts: 4
    Hi koJack,.. thx for ur input. The latest news is that Samsung is collaborating with Blind organisation in India providing VR set installed with Relumino software. News is in September 2019. I think there's definitely activities in the project. Issue might be (i hope) with Oculus or region restrictions or mobile version incompatibility.. Also I am trying to use Samsung S9 which should ideally be supported. 
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,002 Volunteer Moderator
    It is possible they region locked it for the time being, I did notice every recent news article I clicked on was from india.
    I haven't looked into it much though, I'd never heard of it until someone else asked about it earlier today so I tried getting a redeem code.
  • bmichybmichy Posts: 4
    Yes...please let me know if anyone is  able to download  Samsungthe CES 2020 also mentions the software and it's capabilities.

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