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1 pixel line resolution tests

hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 713
edited January 11 in General
1920 by 1080
3840 by 2160
4096 by 2160
7680 by 4320
15360 by 8640

open with ms paint and view in full-screen, see the distance you need to see the individual lines. for me on my 49" 3840 by 2160 tv its about 32" away for the horizontal and vertical to be seen.

mind you, i own a qled tv which i understand isn't really good as oled for resolution.

"At IFA 2019, LG made clear that it didn't think Samsung's 8K TVs conformed to a true 8K spec, even though it had the correct number of pixels, according to Forbes. It believes that Samsung's QLED pixels are not clearly distinguishable from one another, so the effective resolution is lower than 8K. Naturally, it thinks its own 88Z9 OLED and LM99 LCD TVs are sharper and do meet a true 8K standard."

so there is a problem with resolution with the qled, its pretty  its very beautiful but the resolution is a bit poor. at least for distinguishing 1 pixel lines 1 pixel apart. so if you own a tv that allows the resolution to be the actual resolution, see the lg comment, then you might be able to sit farther away and distinguish the image.

i will upload the videos now in a 7zip folder, open the picture in ms paint, choose full screen, to see the image. you might need to use virtual desktop if you look at the images in vr.

me when i saw the qled results;

and you can't open the 16k file with ms paint, not to amplify negativity, its stealthy;


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,926 Volunteer Moderator
    I'd recommend PNG for the images. The 16K image is taking 379MB as a BMP, but as a PNG it's only 88KB. PNG has lossless compression, so no detail is lost (unlike JPG which does corrupt images).

    Apparently turning on game mode makes Samsung TVs use their true resolution (just what I've read online, I don't have one), since the pixel grouping it does to improve viewing angles would add latency (which game mode wants to avoid).

  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 713
    edited January 13
    OK, i redid the pictures into PNG and added red and blue colours also since Samsung said they need to test colour not just black and white. see the attached file.

    edit u can c my colour test results for the 4k show the red is being displayed incorrectly on my Samsung qled q6dr.

    i like the colours, so after my test i set the colour to 1080p, not 4k the TV native resolution, i don't want to use game mode if that forces native resolution. I'm not sure that's what u meant but if so ill turn off game mode.

    edit, i put my TV to game mode and it doesn't change the resolution from 1080p, just brightens it up a bit making the picture a bit more pretty. :) but now i know that while it looks prettier it is muting the red and blue colours in my test as well so its both good and bad. now that i think about it i will change it to game mode off.
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