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Can we remap Virtual Desktop ?

LordZeroGameMasterLordZeroGameMaster Posts: 20
Brain Burst
 I still don't get how to make it work, i try to click or double click and instead it opens a menu like RMB.

 Can't we get a proper left, right, middle mouse button using the controller themselves ? There are plenty of buttons. 

Is a pain having to remove my HMD in order to navigate folders and starting games on my desktop 


  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 1,048
    last i used my rift cv1 virtual desktop worked fine, about a month ago. i use the m/k setup in virtual desktop. if you use quest i dont know how that would work, maybe using the link its no different to the pc idk.
  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 556
    I use Virtual Desktop weekly (sometimes everyday in the week) and I don't have any issues. It's not the software.
    Check the main window, there's a lot of input options: "touch inputs", "Xbox controllers", ... Just in case you don't know, "touch inputs" means tactile inputs, not Oculus Touch. It could be your problem, as tactile controls can take you by surprise if you don't know them.

    Also, you should try and contact Guy Godin directly, he's usually responsive, and pretty nice.
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  • Protocol7Protocol7 Posts: 333
    Do you mean Virtual Desktop by Guy Godin or the built-in Oculus virtual desktop? With Guy Godin's app you can use the buttons, A is left click, B is right click. I have "Use Touch Input" deselected. With the built-in Oculus virtual desktop you can also use A to left click.
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