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Help my rift dont work

xPEDxxPEDx Posts: 1
Hi , I recently bought the rift S as I already had the older rift and I liked it.
But when my S arrived a few days ago it had a kink in the wire, and the oculus app cant find my headset.
I contacted support about this every day now up to today, and they had me update windows , send them a picture and 
even tried to get me to un install my antivirus, even though my old rift works perfect .
They have me running in circles trying everything they can think of to avoid replacing it for me.

I am at my witts end now and have had this rift S for nearly a week and still cant use it.
I feel like I have been ripped off, and regret ever buying from oculus. I also have lost all respect and faith in this company
and will never buy from them again.

If any one knows of a way to get this rectified please help. 
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