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Not able to complete order(Austria)

MirodaMiroda Posts: 1
Hi everyone,
i tried to order a oculus quest during the last week and wasn't able to finish the order. Either I'm getting a message that i can't add my credit card to pay options, or i'm getting a message that "something went wrong and i should try again or contact the support" when i try to pay via paypal.
The Support remains silent..
Anyone having this problem too? Trying to order from Austria if this matters..



  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 506 Oculus Staff
    Hello @Miroda, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems ordering a Quest. If you haven't already, please try ordering from a different device and using a different network connection. Sometimes restrictions on networks can prevent the payment method from going through. I also recommend double-checking with your financial institution to make sure that they are not placing any restrictions on Oculus purchases. Thanks! -Rick
  • cuthulcuthul Posts: 3
    We are having similar issue. Everytime I try to purchase anything it says we have detected suspicious activity and cannot complete your purchase. I've tried using my debit card and PayPal and tried from my phone and my laptop. I wass able to purchase 2 new games for my Quest and then all I get is this everytime! I also have an Oculus Go but I haven't really used it much so I don't think that's the issue. The support on here is laughable. I have tried to get help for 3 weeks with no response. I finally decided to look on here tonight. 
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