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Disable Oculus Rift S Tracking

Hi there,

we have a setup, where we use the Oculus Rift S as a plain binocular display without any tracking. Because the Oculus Rift S is installed in a fixed casing, all the sensors are covered. This caused some warnings like "Your device can't track the movement of your headset" or a message that the room is too dark. Therefore we decided to uncover the sensor on top of the Oculus Rift S device. Now, when the application starts, the "LOADING" animation (3 Points) is shown for 2-3 seconds, the app starts and if just a little thing is influencing the "view" of the top sensor  (e.g. somebody just passing by) the message "your device can not track the movement of your headset..." (GERMAN "Dein Gerät kann die Bewegung deines Headsets nicht verfolgen, da der Raum zu dunkel ist. Versuche die Tracking-Funktion wiederherzustellen, indem du die Beleuchtung anpasst.") appears. Is it possible to disable the sensor tracking and to avoid at least popping up those messages (delete, suppress, disable...)? I would be really very thankful for every solution!

Thank you in advance,


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,144 Volunteer Moderator
    I'm not aware of any easy way to do that.
    Apps can ignore tracking, but the Oculus software overacts more than a Twitch streamer.

  • chrispi_chrispi_ Posts: 4
    edited January 13
    Thank you for the fast reply. Our app itself is already ignoring tracking data. Our goal is just to get rid of the warnings like mentioned above, ideally to completely disable the sensors too.
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