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Xbox One Controller

A-Curious-FrogA-Curious-Frog Posts: 20
Brain Burst
Trying to play No Mans Sky on steam in VR using my OG Rift.

I have setup my oculus again and it works perfectly (played a few games to test), turned on allow unknown sources and then installed and booted up SteamVR. again everything works fine EXCEPT my controller. Steam won't recognise it at all, it works in every game I play and in big picture mode but not in SteamVR.

Funny thing is.... it is working, if I press the Xbox guide button while in the SteamVR home the oculus bar shows up, so it is working. I also think this is the problem, when SteamVR boots up oculus wont relinquish control of the controller to SteamVR as it is constantly waiting for you to press the guide button for the oculus overlay.

Is there something I need to do to get this to stop happening? or to get SteamVR to take control of the controller?

Just used the touch controller to launch a game while in SteamVR home and the controller does work within the game, just not SteamVR home.
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