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[v13 PTC] Oculus Dash panels flickering, z-fighting, stitching

HootwheelzHootwheelz Posts: 2
I have a problem with Oculus Dash where the panels are stitching whenever I move my head. This is a big problem for me since I use the Oculus Mirror executable to let my livestream audience see what I'm seeing while also using a third-person camera like the Pokerstars VR camera or VRChat stream camera.

Here is a screenshot of a Twitch clip showing the problem. I have a link to the clip, but I got an error message saying I haven't been using the forums long enough to have permission to post links. it's extremely distracting, and the clip shows the severeity of the issue accurately. it's not an edge case where i'm moving my head too fast, even small movements cause stitching.

I attempted to roll back from PTC onto the stable release versions but the download was stuck at 52%, so I'm in the process of repairing the software. I'll report back once everything is going again, but i'm posting the problem here now just in case others may have similar issues.


  • HootwheelzHootwheelz Posts: 2
    UPDATE: after rolling back to Oculus app version ( the z-fighting issue is almost entirely eliminated.

    Before rolling back I checked for graphics card driver updates, but it was all up to date. Win10 was also up to date. This problem was quite confusing to me; it seemed to come up out of nowhere, then get worse and worse as time went on before becoming almost completely unusable.
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