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Touch Controllers not working in P3Dv4.5

Just bought two used controllers, went through the binding procedure: all was fine in Oculus Home and Desktop. But as soon as I started P3D in VR, the controllers were gone, i. e. no hands, no action possible. Did I do something wrong or is this P3D not supported?


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,926 Volunteer Moderator
    The only controller support in P3D is making portals in augmented reality mode on a Vive.
    There's no vr controller mode for cockpit manipulation/flying for any headset brand.

    Have a look at Fly Inside:
    They have a plugin for P3D which should add hand controls. It's got a free trial.

  • vtristramvtristram Posts: 7
    edited January 14
    Thanks, kojack. I tried FlyInside and LeapMotion. However, the ‚hands‘ generated by the software is quite unreliable. It shows the hand going to the switch, for example, but it does not throw the switch reliably. Very often, I had to fumble several times. That is not helpful during a flight :|
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