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Hdmi not found

pridefullicaruspridefullicarus Posts: 1

I have a MSI GV62 8RD-200 and have been trying to get my second hand orignal occulus rift to set up but it isnt being recognized but it is displaying as if it is another monitor I assume its because my hdmi port on my laptop goes through the mobo I have a usb c port does having a usb c guarentee that it could work with 

A males usb c to female usb a and hdmi

If not am i shit out of luck?
I have not tried disabling the integrated graphics card yet and it says that my laptop does have a dedicated card
I am also not super techy


  • anthonyr87anthonyr87 Posts: 10
    at this point im guessing its their latest firmware update, you arent the only one, its happening to a ton of us right now. I need mine for work, so this is pissing me off pretty badly right now
  • edgar.pirontiedgar.pironti Posts: 4
    Same issue here
  • Oculus_birdOculus_bird Posts: 1
    same god annoying problem here..
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