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Blurry Video Playback

BossGatorBossGator Posts: 7

So I've had my Go only a couple days, but I notice that anything at even a fairly short distance is somewhat blurry. The further back in distance the worse it gets.

I was using the AmazeVideos app to watch a downloaded animated VR video and they use a lot of medium or longer distance shots and it's just so blurry. Same with their other non animated videos. I tried some other VR videos outside of this app as well and same deal.

Up close it's all good, not crystal clear, but good. If it was that clear at least at a medium distance it would be great. Is this just the norm with the Go and VR in general? or is there some sort of issue I'm not seeing that can be resolved?


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 1,744 Valuable Player
    If you normally wear glasses you probably should also use them on your Go.  I do and all's nice and clear.  The focal length for most VR goggles is 5-6ft.  One thing to note is do not use glasses with bifocals or you will see a lot of blur at the bottom of your screen.  Not too bad if they are very weak transitional bifocals like mine are.

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