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Does Monitor resolution affect Oculus Performance ?

steveja2steveja2 Posts: 3
Apologies if this is answered elsewhere - Ive had a look and cant find anything specific on the forum. Ive had Oculus Rift with Touch sensors for a couple of years working FINE on my PC : Ryzen 3 1300 with 16GB 3000mhz Ram, using AMD Radeon R9 Fury GPU with 4GB ram. M.2 Drive. The rift is on HDMI, my monitor WAS a 20" 1920x1080 using DVI via an adapter - DP to DVI. All was fine. I've now reaplaced the old 20" monitor with a 28" 4k 60hz monitor, and recently updated drivers. But now, my Oculus is REALLY laggy and jerky ! But I read that the monitor shouldnt affect the Oculus lenses... I like Elite Dangerous but now if I play it via Oculus home or Steam, whenever I move my head the image is jerky and sometimes shows black frames before updating. The only real difference is that I am now driving a 28" 4K monitor on the DP port from the Radeon R9 Fury and the Oculus on HDMI, whereas it used to be a 1080 monitor previously. I am wondering if the GPU simply cant drive the monitor AND the Rift at the same time ??? I only have my desktop open on the monitor - nothing else running. I dont want to have to keep changing my resolution down on the monitor simply to use the Rift... but its starting to look like thats required ? Shouldnt the Oculus Rift perform the same irrespective of the resolution of the Monitor connected to the GPU ? ANY advice would be gratefully accepted ! THanks, Steve


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 135
    It sounds like your PC is now struggling because it's supporting a 4K display instead of a 1080.

    You need to upgrade your gear if you wanna run a 4K display.

    You could try switching the monitor output to 1080 or less while using the Rift. It's not like you can use both at the same time.
  • steveja2steveja2 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the response. Its strange that I tried changing my desktop resolution on Windows10 to 1920x1080 - but the Oculus still behaved badly and "laggy". AND I noticed that even though my desktop on Win10 was 1920x1080 now, the monitor itself shows its running at 3840x2160 (when I press the info button on the monitor) - which I thought was a bit odd !? It seems that the monitor itself has stayed in "4k mode" and upscaled the 1920x1080 output from the Radeon R9 Fury X GPU. The Oculus was always FINE and really smooth being powered by the R9 Fury GPU - so I thought changing my MONITOR shouldnt affect the Oculus... I even wondered if turning my monitor OFF after loading up the Oculus would make any difference - but it didnt seem to (its as though the R9 Fury GPU is still trying to drive the monitor on the DP port whilst trying to drive the oculus on the HDMI)... I just thought and was lead to believe that the monitor should never affect the Oculus (as its basically just another monitor itself !). I was hoping that I wouldnt have to buy another higher spec GPU it looks like I would have to spend about £500 to get one "man-enough" to do the job !? Thanks, Steve.
  • Ray_SoverRay_Sover Posts: 3
    steveja2 said:
    I was hoping that I wouldnt have to buy another higher spec GPU it looks like I would have to spend about £500 to get one "man-enough" to do the job !? Thanks, Steve.

    £500? An RX Vega 56 costing just over half that has plenty of legs for simultaneously running a Rift S, a 1080p monitor and a 4K monitor. That's what I'm doing here.
  • steveja2steveja2 Posts: 3
    Cool - I should look more into graphics cards... However, I see the 4GB Radeon R9 Fury X that I'm using sells for £180 - £300 even second hand - so I'm thinking it should do the job of driving the Rift and a 4K monitor without any trouble. It used to be perfectly fine running the Rift when I had a 1080p monitor connected - the only thing I changed was the monitor itself - now 4K UHD - and the Rift went mammaries skyward ! Its a bit frustrating ! I would expect the R9 to do it easily !
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,838 Valuable Player
    edited 6:26AM
    I was also lead to believe that having a 4k display and having Oculus Rift mirrored to it wouldn't give you a performance hit. @ShowbizDonkey @kojack or anyone able to clear this up because I'd also like to know. I'm thinking when something is mirrored to a second display that it doesn't affect performance at all.

    This brings me to another question about the two display's being used in the Oculus CV1. Does one of the display's get mirrored or are they both working independently and if so why?
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