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Downloaded Oculus APP on another computer and can't run it on my computer without update.

CasanovskyCasanovsky Posts: 3

I have problem. I have really bad internet in my house, so i downloaded oculus app at work. The problem is that always when i want run already downloaded oculus app in my house app require full download.
Do You know how to show oculus app that i have already downloaded it?


  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 835
    I had that too, the program you think is the oculus software is the oculus software download program,  From memory it downloads gigabytes.  The browser chrome is the same, you download a small program that downloads the latest install.
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  • CasanovskyCasanovsky Posts: 3
    So what should i do?
    Actually i waited this 2hrs and now i have an error and i can't turn on oculus :smile:
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