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hdmi not detect

Good evening,
I have a problem with my oculus rift and my new graphics card. I had a gtx970ssc evga and it works flawless.
I was given a 1080ti zotac Amp edition and now the hdmi of my helmet is no longer detectable.
I first thought that it came from hdmi port so I buy hdmi to port display adapter and test the different port, but nothing so I turned to power supply problem !
I had a 550w corsair and try a 750w corsair identical to that person who provided me with the graphics card, and with whom it worked very well with its VIVE and its triple monitor.
I tested 3 version of different nvidia driver and 2 version of oculus home and always the same result !
I have no more idea to resolve this problem and would like to know if you have any clues to solv it.
I put back my 970 and my helmet is detected at the first try !
Thank you in advance for your help and good night to you and play well.

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