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Does your product, software, and also the VR games all have NATIVE Left handed end user support?

ewilson248ewilson248 Posts: 1
edited January 15 in Support
Does your product, software, and also the VR games all have NATIVE Left handed end user support?

1. Are the Rift-S controllers symmetrical?
2. Do VR games like HL: Alyx and / or the other VR games like ones included support an IDENTICAL mirror image control scheme for left handed users?

Before I drop $1,500 to $2,000 on two new graphics cards and a Rift-S, I need to figure out if I can even use this thing.  I have tried custom X-box controllers and even the XIM system for PC controls and they all are horrible. If the games still put the gun  / weapons on wrong side of the screen that makes it very tough for my brain. I need a 100% accurate answer here. no guessing please. I am no rush for an answer but I do need the truth.


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,964 Volunteer Moderator
    The Oculus Home software is ambidextrous, and the controllers themselves are mirror-images of each other, but games and apps depend on the developer.

    Most made-for-VR games are fine--they either allow you to pick up and use guns and things in either hand, or they have a left-handed option in the menu.The control schemes vary from one game to the next--some games stay with left-stick locomotion and right-stick steering regardless of handedness setting, while others flip the sticks when you choose left-handed mode.

    A few games do stick your gun in the right hand without any option, but I haven't run across many. No Man's Sky does, but it's not a shooting-heavy game, so it hasn't been a big deal for me. Doom VFR does not offer a left-handed mode--the devs said they were going to add it, but they never did, so I haven't bought that one.

    HL:Alyx is not out yet, so I don't know what it will be like, but I would expect that, like most made-for-VR games, it should be fine to play left-handed (I've pre-ordered it without worrying about it).

    As far as whether a full mirrored control scheme is best, there is no one common opinion. I've played games that flip the locomotion to the right stick for lefties (Fallout4VR and SkyrimVR do this), and I've played others that leave it on the left. I don't really have a preference, and I can get used to either.
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