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Oculus Quest ordering issues

Jevo4141Jevo4141 Posts: 3
Hi I ordered and Oculus quest on Sunday the 12th of January and a few days later I still haven’t received my tracking number and I haven’t been charged. When I try to see my order information through the guest account I ordered it on I get put in a loop of clicking links, signing in, receiving an email and back to clicking the link. I live in the Uk and I was wondering if anyone was having a similar issue. Thanks. 


  • yorenblackyorenblack Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue. I've contacted support to ask them what's going on.
  • Jevo4141Jevo4141 Posts: 3
    Ok so it’s not just me. Please let me know what oculus say as it would be very helpful. Thanks 😊 
  • iiPolluxiiPollux Posts: 2
    I ordered mine on the 11 on Saturday and to this day they still haven’t took money out or anything, I am in Canada 
  • Smcdonald81Smcdonald81 Posts: 2
    I ordered mine like Dec, 23th and don't have a tracking number. I live in the US.
  • Jevo4141Jevo4141 Posts: 3
    I hope oculus support will see this thread and give us an answer. 
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 571 Oculus Staff
    Hello, you won't be charged until your order is ready to be shipped. Currently, when you try ordering a Quest from our website, it shows an estimated ship date for some time in February (specific date may vary by region and model) so if you ordered only a few days ago then it's unlikely that your order will ship yet. If you're having any issues with accessing the guest portal, please contact support here We have live chat and email support available. Thanks! -Rick
  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 321
    I can't fault them. Ordered mine last night, looks like delivery 18th.  My Rift S came a day early so by all accounts could arrive tomorrow.
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  • JohnPiperGhostHunterJohnPiperGhostHunter Posts: 12
    18 Jan '20
    Hey everyone :)
    I personally think you are better off purchasing the Oculus Quest on Amazon, Newegg or Best Buy. I had the same EXACT problem and NO one ever contacted me about the order I placed so I canceled and just purchased my Quest NEW on Amazon - in stock in a few days! The Oculus Quest 128GB is now in stock there NOW and 64GB in a few days.  BTW I could not find Oculus live chat they mention above in this thread at all. I hate to say it but if you are having these kind of problems here now getting your VR order resolved - etc. .... imagine how hard it will be if something goes wrong with the actual device under warranty trying to get support. Your choice. My 2 cents. Hope this helps someone. Cheers! :)
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