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I can't install the oculus software, I've tried everything I could

AdoboRizeAdoboRize Posts: 1
so I was setting up my oculus that I just bought and when I try to install the software it always says that "Not enough space" and that it requires me to have at least 21gb of free space, which I definitely have on both my hard drive that has more than 1800gb and my ssd that still has 204gb. 

so I tried to do the things I've read online on how to fix it, all of them did not work. I got desperate and thought that my pc is the problem so I decided to even reset my pc, which was a mistake because it still did not work and was a worthless attempt to fix the goddamn problem. there is definitely nothing wrong with the build I have. my pc is more than capable of handling vr so I don't know what else to do.

I also  tried to contact oculus support by sending them an email, but everyone knows that those things takes a long ass time to be responded at

Hopefully someone knows how to fix this problem so I will do what I can, if not, then all I did was threw out hundreds of dollars worth of hard work..

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