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oculus rift - 4/5 touch controller tracking?

hello, i was wondering if theres any way in 2020 to use more then 3 touch controllers for fullbody tracking, which would be much more convenient, especially on my wallet instead of going for a rift/vive hybrid, if not would there be a way to somehow alter the coding etc. to force tracking? if this is possible i would also purchase 2 more base stations to have a total of 4 in every corner of my room for complete coverage


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,990 Volunteer Moderator
    Last time I checked, only 1 of the possible 4 VR Objects were working in the SDK, making the total number of tracked controllers 3.
    The Rift-S has no support for VR Objects, so it's not likely Oculus plan to fix their years long CV1 issue.

  • kobs57kobs57 Posts: 156
    Most games do not support full body tracking but the way VR goes it's in the near future and i'm talking a full body suit with trackers like the one movie makers use. As for base stations I use 3 with my rift in a triangle formation close to the ceiling and never had a problem with tracking high or low
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