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Oculus Rift S and ASW/Optimisation

NorsePCNorsePC Posts: 2

I'm having a huge issue with ASW recently (mainly the fact that I've started to notice it) and unfortunately I find my Oculus Rift S unplayable now.

When playing Blades and Sorcery (plus all 4 star wars mods) ASW keeps kicking in for some reason.

Running a 1080ti, [email protected] GHz and 32gb C16 DDR4 RAM.

None of these pass 40% utlisation (CPU, GPU, CPU Single Core and RAM) which makes no sense to me why I'm losing frames then?

I know ASW only kicks in sub 80fps but how in the hell am I dropping below 80fps with all graphics turned down (multiple games) when nothing surpasses 40% utlisation??

If anyone could shed some light on this I would be so happy as this currently doesnt make sense.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,063 Volunteer Moderator
    Try turning off ASW using Control + Numpad 1. What frame rate is it hitting then?

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  • NorsePCNorsePC Posts: 2
    FPS still falls below 80fps across many games but only down to roughyl 70ish which is why I've also listed this as Oculus optimisation.

    The main part of the question is why am I lagging when no components are being fully utilised? Is this a problem with the Oculus software?
  • adam.poole.313adam.poole.313 Posts: 175
    Its a known bug introduced in the version 12 driver. There are dozens of topics posted about this with people complaining daily. Oculus recommends that you open a ticket and submit logs. Its been an issue for over a month now and it seems like they are no closer to a fix.
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