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Oculus Rift S Display Bug

Mk_LaZeMk_LaZe Posts: 1
edited January 16 in Support

hello everyone , I bought the helmet and no problem but after a few days of use, every time i launch a game on Oculus or on SteamVR, or when i'm in oculus home or on any application from the headset, the screen follows me, or else it is not fast enough so i find myself with a black screen while waiting for it to arrive and my game freezes and stops responding so I have to leave it before I have a headache.
This is very annoying and I can not do anything with it.
I already tried to unplug reconnect and restart Oculus and my pc as well as update my USB drivers but obviously nothing works.
Here is my system configuration:
I5 8400
RTX 2060
1 TB SSHD + 500 GB NVMe
I also want to clarify that during this bug the audio remains intact and I also noticed that the bug appears when I am in a game and less than when I am in the oculus home.When the bug appears a small hourglass logo animated appears at the bottom right of my field of vision.

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