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Questions about the Quest

Ever since I got my Rift S it has been having issues which I only bought a couple of months ago and has been a pain to get working each day. I was offered a refund on it Oculus basically telling me they know of the issue but don't know when it will get fixed the issue being that every time I start up my computer it tells me to either restart the Oculus software or that it just can't find my headset and often takes a lot of unplugging and plugging it back on and resetting my computer. Anyway getting to my question I had been considering returning it and getting a quest. My questions are on the charging as it says it only last a couple of hours from I could look up. Is it possible to keep it charging as is? Like with the link or something would that keep it charged so I can keep playing longer sessions? The other question I had was about it being front heavy is there a good way to counter balance that? Would the quest be able to keep up with games well enough with link without having lag or issues more than the S would? For someone who wants to be able to long term gaming with the full availability of games I might have for VR would the quest be a better option or should I should I just wait for them to fix this?


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 980
    1. Yes on battery the Quest lasts for about 2.5 hours for me. Some people attach battery packs to the back of the headset to work as a counter weight and also keep the Quest charged, or you could just put one in your pocket etc. When using Link the Quest is USB charged. However depending on cable selection and hardware specifications some owners report the Quests battery depleting quite quickly. The official cable is meant to keep the headset fully charged. I have been using 5m of passive cable (3m passive extension + 2m cable), and my headset battery only depletes by a few % in a couple of hours. I played Asgards last night for 1.5 hours and my battery was still reported at 98% from the Rift software. 

    2. Yes it's front heavy. Some people have opted for the 'frankenquest' the Vive DAS headstrap on the Quest, however I have read reports Vive no longer manufacture this headstrap and availability is limited. I opted to use an AMVR facial interface as I find this more comfortable than stock and then I also use a VR Cover headstrap cover I find this helps distribute weight and take pressure off the front. 

    3. Are you sure that what issues you're having with the Rift S aren't related to your computer specifications and would also be the same if you were using Link with Quest? Link basically makes the Quest work like a Rift.  
  • ZaroktheImmortalZaroktheImmortal Posts: 9
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    Well I've read others have had the same issue and basically got told by Oculus that they are aware of the issue and aren't sure when there will be a fix. So I don't know if that means it's related to my computer but it seems I'm not the only one and seems they know it is a problem but have no idea when they'll be able to fix the problem.

    Another reason I'm considering going to Quest is because my IPD is above the max you can set it at even on the Rift S (I think from measurements mine is about 75) so that's another reason I'm considering the quest since I read you can change it manually rather than just through the software
  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 980
    edited January 2020
    I made a comment about the Rift S IPD range a while back It looks like people were saying upto 72 is okay, I think the manual adjustment is also upto 72 on the Quest. Even though mine is 68.5 I still have to set to the widest range to get a clear picture on my Quest. 
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,373 Volunteer Moderator
    With an IPD that high, you may be better off with a Quest. If your Rift S problems are related to the DisplayPort connection, you might get away from that with a Quest, since it only uses USB, but then again, it seems that many of the Rift connection problems are USB-related, so you could have issues with Quest Link too. 

    When it works, Quest Link is quite a good experience, but it has its own issues; the mic doesn’t work, sometimes it has trouble connecting or maintaining a connection, and the software releases between Quest and the PC are not well synced, meaning that you could have several days each month when you can’t use Link while you wait for an update. These things will hopefully improve with future updates, but for now, they’re enough to stop me from packing up my old Rift CV1. 
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  • ZaroktheImmortalZaroktheImmortal Posts: 9
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    Well the mic I'm not too worried about if I can use my own headset with it anyway. That it goes out so often does sound troubling. Though the displayport issue seems to be a common problem going on with the Rift S looking even on these forums of several others reporting the same issue and that Oculus themselves told me they are aware of the issue so I'm guessing it's some sort of bug.

    How well does quest link run games compared to the other headsets?
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