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Display Port (Broken Firmware) FIX - What Oculus doesn't want you to know! -

PleasefixyoshizPleasefixyoshiz Posts: 8
For anyone affected by the Dec 20th firmware update that bricked headsets (No display port) the fix is found here:
See original reddit thread here:
Follow these steps to regain the use of your $400 paperweight.

Also see this site with a users rundown of events they experienced trying to fix this problem:

Would love to see oculus comment and acknowledge they messed up and with no way to roll back drivers offered by them this is the only solution.

After following these steps, if you want to download apps after this fix, you will have to start the download (it will fail due to the hosts file IP block), close oculus, remove the IP from hosts, restart oculus, start the download and after a few % add the IP back to hosts and save. This has work flawlessly for me so far without any update request.

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