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Question about whether there's a way to track a stolen Quest?

tootmastertootmaster Posts: 2
So I bought my son a brand new 128g unit from Best Buy as a gift the day before yesterday, left it in my truck cab overnight last night (stupid, I know, but we're in a house with a long driveway and have never had a brazen incident like this happen before...I blame my sleepless state having an infant daughter! ha), and woke up today to find that my truck had been rummaged through. The Quest, of course, is long gone, as well as a few other things. So here's my question:

Knowing that you can't set up and use the Quest without the phone app, Wifi, etc,, is there a way to trace/track the serial of my now stolen unit so that Oculus is alerted once someone tries to use it? Like maybe serial #s are tied to stock at different resellers (in this case, Best Buy)? I know I may very well be S.O.L. here but thought it wouldn't hurt to be proactive and ask the community here. Any feedback greatly appreciated!

Matt B.


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 1,752 Valuable Player
    You are probably best to contact Oculus Support (maybe via chat) and ask them. Of course you should also report this to your local police.   Also probably a good idea to talk to your Insurer since this and your other items stolen should be covered under your home insurance.  Good luck.

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