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UploadVR a propoganda site for Palmer Luckey?

VRleglessVRlegless Posts: 3
It seems the famous Heaney555 got hired by UploadVR to appease Palmer.

reddit ( dot ) com/r/Vive/comments/9n3jxo/uploadvr_welcoming_david_heaney_to_the_writers/

techcrunch ( dot ) com/2018/03/16/vr-startup-upload-shuts-down-its-offices-as-funding-from-oculus-founder-runs-out/  It seems a lot of people didn't like the NAZI? paying for propoganda and making decisions on the editorial staff.

reddit ( dot ) com/user/Dal1Dal/  This guy embarrased Ian Hamilton back during this hiring as heaney was authoring articles at uploadVR always attacking pimax, then they removed heaney as the named author of the articles.  Then they left the articles without a named author, which dal1dal thought interesting as certainly anyone authoring an article at a major vr news site would want to be attributed with it.

Its sad this is what the industry has been reduced too, bribing journalists to smear progress with hit pieces.  I have been told by Ben Lang this is why Kevin Williams was removed from the staff at RoadtoVR, its sad that uploadVR does the exact opposite and hires yellow journalists instead of firing them like Ben.


  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,925 Valuable Player
    This means nothing to me.

    Aaah, Vienna.
  • VRleglessVRlegless Posts: 3

  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,209 Volunteer Moderator
    Can you point to any "Palmer Luckey propaganda" that UploadVR has recently published? David Heany has been working there for quite a while now, and they remain one of the more respected news sites in the VR space. While Heany is admittedly an Oculus enthusiast, I'll take that over the rabidly anti-Oculus stance that Dal1dal regularly spews on Reddit.
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  • jayhawkjayhawk Posts: 824
    Folks still dwelling on Palmer out there? Damn.
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 4,611 Valuable Player
    edited January 17
    nalex66 said:
    While Heany is admittedly an Oculus enthusiast, I'll take that over the rabidly anti-Oculus stance that Dal1dal regularly spews on Reddit.

    I'm a son of Lone Echo, until Valve provides some serious content - which they have not done yet - Oculus has provided content and hardware beyond any other VR-supporting company. Spending time on Valve Reddit, I'm convinced that many have never tried a real VR game - like Lone Echo, Asgard's Wrath and Stormland experienced using the hardware these games were made for. Some think they can Revive such games and get a similar experience, but they have no idea what they're missing and the subpar experience they end up with. I'm starting to think that many non-Oculus users like Boneworks so much because it might be the first really immersive VR game they have tried (Beat Saber? Unmodded Skyrim and FO4 with no finger tracking and 10 year old blurry textures? Wand controllers? Sigh - besides Doom VFR, does Steam really have just one VR game I really care about which is unavailable in the Oculus Store?). 
    I really don't consider myself biased, and I don't even think you have to be an Oculus enthusiast for stating that when it comes to content, performance, controllers, affordability and support, Oculus is second to none. This is not to defend Heany - I also love the great work Pimax does to push VR limits ;)

    VR enthusiasts should stand together, not wasting time fighting each other - but it's ok with me to fight the evil pancake lovers  B) Like here  o:)
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