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Application for the visually impaired

spoom17spoom17 Posts: 2
edited May 2013 in Support
Hello Rift Community!

As I'm still waiting for my DevKit to arrive I'm having thoughts on what project I should use it first for as I'm not a developer but rather an enthusiast.
One of my friends has a rare eye condition called "macula degeneratio / retina pigmentusa", it's a disease where both eyes loose completely focus, he can see colors and shapes but is almost completely blind when it comes to actual vision. There are no operations or glasses available for this condition sadly, but weirdly enough the only thing that actually seems to help are binoculars and microscopes - yes he is reading books with binoculars lately -.

So my question would be if anyone has any experience with implementing live video feeds to the Rift, my idea would be to mount an HD camera to the Rift and stream directly to it. The user could freely enhance zoom on anything the thing is pointed at. As I'm not an engineer it might just sounds easy to do but maybe there are already similar projects out there I just don't know about.

Any input is more than welcome :)


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