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Trouble w/ using Oculus Link for the Quest

kittydoserobloxkittydoseroblox Posts: 1
A while back I got the Oculus Link but I didnt have a USB C port so I got an adapter that I can plug it into my USB A port, and I did that, I had RiftCat in the past to try to get my Quest to work with my laptop (Windows 10) so it already recognized it as the Quest, but on further research my Quest did not recognize that it was connected to the laptop. I had the Oculus App open on my laptop trying to connect my Quest to it through the Oculus Link, but it's stuck on loading. When I quit out of setup I noticed that there was a red bar that said; "Oculus has encountered an Error. Please restart your computer or contact Oculus Support." So, I restarted my laptop. It still had the message upon opening it again, so I closed it out through ending OVRServer_x64.exe and having it open again, ultimately restarting the app, but it was again, still there. I don't know if the error message has anything to do with my quest being unable to connect, but it's charging through my laptop and my laptop recognizes it, which shows a sign that it's connected in some way. I really need help and I can't find specific help for me about this, I don't know a lot about computers personally I just play on them a lot. If you could help me get it working or confirm that it won't work that would be so appreciated!!
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