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Update Windows 10 but yet W10 1909 !

tonywygtonywyg Posts: 10
Oculus software ask me to update Windows 10, bit I m yet in W10 last version 1909...?!
I ve tried V12 and V13beta but same issues...
Anyone have a solution please ?
Thanks !



  • tonywygtonywyg Posts: 10
    edited January 30
    I see on reddit forum a solution, working for me (waiting better , support ticket is open) .
    I create a "Super admin" Windows profile (or hidden admin) and install software from this new session.
    >no error message, no need to update W10 (!?), and Quest is connecting as Rift S with Oculus Link

    So the issue is about admin rights ?

    PS : using "execute as administrator" from user session not working in case you ask
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