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2 HMDs will not connect to Oculus Desktop app

Neither my CV1 nor my Quest with Link will work with the desktop app any longer. When trying to use my CV1 its says "Poor Tracking Quality". Nothing has changed on my end at all. When I try to connect my Quest via Link. In Devices everything is Green and Connected however when I go to enable Link I get a "Oculus is not working correctly" Literally ZERO response to my support tickets. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. 

2 separate HMDs completely non usable at the same time!

One day everything was Gucci, Next day every thing turned to crap. I have purchased 2 hmds from Oculus. I want a response with a solution Please. 


  • STRICK9STRICK9 Posts: 151
    Basically Oculus support responded to my ticket with a Sorry we dont know wtf happened and we dont know how to fix it. You are fucked. Sorry about your $800, sucks for you.

     I will never purchase anything from Oculus ever again.
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