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Consider Foot Sensors?

Vider01Vider01 Posts: 1
I'm wondering if Oculus has considered, or would consider, creating sensors to track your feet while using the Quest. It has been fantastic to move about freely. You truly feel immersed. However, you're missing half your body while in the games. So, you can't really tell where you are standing while on a platform or moving to a certain spot in the virtual setting. All the sensors would need to do is track your ankle locations. Whatever the solution, it would make the experience that much more realistic.


  • JeffNikJeffNik Posts: 152
    edited January 25
    I, too, would love to feel more immersed in VR with full body and/or foot tracking. Unfortunately, the Quest cameras would have trouble seeing the trackers on my feet THROUGH MY FAT STOMACH! :smile:

  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 187
    Already in the works but by a 3rd party Company.

     Full-body tracking on Oculus Quest with Antilatency tracking system.

  • codenatcodenat Posts: 2
    I, too, would love to see this. I have thought about programming some games/experiences for dancers and this would be perfect. A small "anklet" that you could wear would cool. 
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