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Occulus Quest cannot connect to pc app

FelecisFelecis Posts: 1
I recently bought a cable so I could use the Oculus Link. Whenever I try to use it, my computer recognizes the Quest and the Quest recognizes my computer, but in the actual Oculus app, it still says I'm needing a USB 3 connection. If I unplug it there,s two error messages, one says "No USB 3 connection" and the other "USB 3 connection required" with a help button next to it that doesn't actually help me. When I plug it in it stops saying "No USB 3 connection" but the second message is still there. If someone could help me that would be appreciated.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 355
    It sounds like the USB port on your PC isn't USB 3.0. If you have other USB ports, try them.

    If that doesn't work, do a google search for a USB 3 driver, download it from Microsoft and install it.

    If that doesn't work, which it should, you'll need to submit a support ticket.
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