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CV1 Audio broke how do I get sound through a different pair of headphones or speakers?

RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,945 Valuable Player
edited January 25 in Support
My headphone audio has broken on the Rift CV1 and I can't fix it. I'm now trying to work out how to get audio through some speakers instead, but I can't find anything in the Oculus setting that will allow me to switch audio to my speakers? I have gone into my sound setting and selected the speakers but there's no audio when I put the Rift on? There is audio when I play music on my desktop but nothing from the Rift? Does anyone know how to get audio through you speakers or some other headphones while using the CV1 or that my VR days over until a better headset comes along? I can't find any audio setting in the Oculus settings to allow me to switch either? Cheers!


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