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Forced to use ugly stolen profile pic

ZellybeanzZellybeanz Posts: 4
When I got my Quest it assigned me a random profile pic instead of letting me choose something or even just match my Facebook. If I look at friends list I see plenty of actual human photos (rift privilege?) and a few cute cartoons but i got stuck with  ugly furry art. They couldn't even make it gender neutral or nice and abstract like a gravitar or whatever! They make us go through all the work creating an avatar but nothing on the Quest or the app let's me pick what I'm represented by. My avatar is cute a.f., that should be an option. Leaving it blank is good too, saves memory! I did a reverse image search (since that's the only menu that comes up from tapping on it on my phone, despite what the only answer on Support website says) and it's a "dobermann" from an avatar on a Chinese news forum, nothing to do with VR. No other results. Even trying to make this post is putting me in an infinite loop unless I upload an image so enjoy cat tax. That would be acceptable as a profile pic even. 
This should be a simple small matter fixable on the device itself without requiring research.


  • ZellybeanzZellybeanz Posts: 4
    And I see they do yet another random pic for forums. Even this one is better than ugly wolf-whistling thing tho
  • ZellybeanzZellybeanz Posts: 4

  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,778 Volunteer Moderator
    You can change the avatar on your account using the Oculus desktop software (it's Rift software, but it lets you do things to the account which is shared by all headsets). After installing it, click on the Friends tab, click on your avatar, then click on the smaller avatar. You can now pick another prebuilt one or upload a new one.

    The mobile app used to be able to do this too, but they removed that feature for some strange reason.

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