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NO! YoutubeVR, Oculus Browser & Stationary Guardian

I love YoutubeVR VR180 3D on my Quest!
But am selling my Quest to my brother and went out and got the Rift S with a £1800 PC. I can't find anyway to run youtube like i do on the Quest! You can go to steamVR and get youtubeVR on that. It's limited to 1080p and none of the icons work etc. I don't think steamVR youtube app has been touched for 2 years and even knows what a rift is. Also deo player now shows a error on Rift S when you try to use youtube.

Where is the stationary guardian for the Rift S i play most things sat down and found stationary guardian really useful on the Quest.

I just feel like the Rift S has been neglected so much and it's a bad experience to the great one i have with my Quest. :'(


  • NeoGargoyleNeoGargoyle Posts: 3
    Just for comparison the Quest YoutubeVR streams at 2880p+ While StreamVR youtubeVR is 1080p MAX (once you get it working).
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