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Proximity Sensor Issues

freshcloverfreshclover Posts: 1
It works well for the first few minutes, but starts to break down. Smiling, which makes your cheeks puff up and move the headset slightly, makes the display turn off. Lifting my eyebrows seems to also trigger the headset to go off. Looking up, or down low does this.

Lastly, after a few minutes of dealing with this issue, the display turns off and seems to be unable to turn back on unless you continue to press the headset against your face really hard with one of your hands. Which you can't do, since most games, you can't play with just one hand while continuously pressing the headset your face with the other.


  • MrBMTMrBMT Posts: 52
    Hiro Protagonist
    Personally, I'd try doing a factory reset, and if that fails contact Oculus Support as it could well be a hardware issue in which case they'll organise a replacement for you.

    Support is at:

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  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 913
    easy fix is to put a piece of tape over the sensor, but def contact support if still under warranty
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