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oculus quest with link on pc, mic not working

KjellVR479KjellVR479 Posts: 7
Hello, so i have the oculus quest connected with a compatible cable to my compatible gaming desktop and everything is working as it should be except for the mic.
My oculus quest mic works when my oculus quest is not connected to my desktop, so when i am playing on the oculus quest itself, but when i use the oculus quest to play games on my desktop, the mic doest work.

I have tried some things with settings and other things but i still have no idea, i would be so happy if someone could help me fix this final thing.
Thank you.


  • MrBMTMrBMT Posts: 52
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited January 30
    The microphone is disabled when using Oculus Link at the moment as per the release notes.
    It'll be enabled again at some point in the future with upcoming updates.
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  • KjellVR479KjellVR479 Posts: 7
    oohh okay thank you so much for the info, i had no idea about that.
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