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"Add Wi-Fi Network > Security" dropdown setting in Oculus iOS App is HIDDEN below "Add" button

JoshMorganJoshMorgan Posts: 1
There is a horrible UI design flaw/bug in the Oculus app for iOS on my iPhone Xs Max, which prevented me from connecting my Oculus Quest to my Wi-Fi network with a hidden SSID:

The "Security" setting (EAP, WPA, WEP, None) is HIDDEN below the "Add" button (see images below), so I had no idea that the "Security" option was on the screen and defaulting to "None", so I naively just kept clicking "Add" or "go" after entering my Network Name, but it would always fail to connect to my Wi-Fi network and it never prompted me to enter a password.

Only after trying over and over and eventually swiping frantically at the screen in frustration did I discover that the "Add Wi-Fi Network" screen is SCROLLABLE and the "Security" option is below the "Network Name (SSID)" field, completely hidden by the "Add" button.

Please, please, please, fix this. There is tons of room above the "Network Name (SSID)" field to simply move the whole form up so that the "Security" option is always visible. Or at the very least, make it obvious that there is another option on the scrollable form, like changing the "go" button of the on-screen keyboard to "next" instead.

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