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Buying and shipping

Flashbang2411Flashbang2411 Posts: 4
Hi guys I'm new here! And I just wanted to ask if anyone knows when exactly the money will go out for the Quest. I ordered one a few weeks back and the waiting time is quite extensive, (it's not going to be shipped until the 20th Feb) I'm aware Oculus aren't taking the money until the headset is ready, but does anyone know if the money will go out at a similar time? 


  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 247
    Nexus 6
    in the UK its normally taken out when you checkout (pending transactions)
  • Flashbang2411Flashbang2411 Posts: 4
    Thanks, it's one of the first places I checked but there didn't seem to be anything listed as pending. I'll keep checking for the next few weeks. 
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