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Lens Rings and Bad Customer Support

sharkwithlasersharkwithlaser Posts: 3
I am totally frustrated with Oculus support.  

I broke a lens ring on my Oculus Go.  Totally my fault.  I pressed it in too hard after inserting the eyeglass spacer.

 I searched online and on the Oculus site for replacement parts, but came up empty.

When I asked Oculus if I could buy a new ring, instead of saying "yes" or "no", here is what I got from customer support:

  • Which side lens ring broke?
  • Could you send me a picture of the broken lens ring?

And also, from the email message:

Also, while I look into this further for you, I would like to collect some additional information:

  • Full name
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Headset serial number: which is located under the left strap and starts with "1KWPH"
  • Unit serial number, which can be located on the bottom of the white box and starts with "1KWVRG"
  • Retail receipt or invoice including item, retailer, price, and date -OR- Oculus order number
I had all but the receipt, since I got this as a gift.  However crazy the amount of info I need to submit in order to get a response, I submitted all the information that Oculus asked.  After submitting the info, I was asked to provide still more info.

I still have not gotten a lens ring.  Not a big deal, Krazy Glue fixed the problem.  Why is all this info needed to buy a flimsy piece of plastic?  It is not as if I am asking for a refund or a freebee.   I have never experience this much bureaucracy just to get a simple answer, "Can I buy a lens ring?"

BTW, Oculus does not sell replacement rings, so buy some Krazy Glue and hope that you never lose one of these retainers.


  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,826 Valuable Player
    I think they sent you that response because they don't supply replacement lenses, so they would have had to send you a replacement head. But first of all they would need a photo to prove it was broken and then the shipping details to send you another headset.
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