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Chromecast to Sony A1E OLED TV with built in Chromecast

TalasynTalasyn Posts: 2
I'm trying to get my Oculus Quest to see my Sony A1E OLED TV with built in Chromecast.   I started with my TV internet connection hardwired to my router, and, of course, my Quest on my home WiFi.  When I was unable to see my TV from the Quest, I removed my TV network cable and hooked up my TV to the same home WiFi network as the Quest.  I am still unable to see the TV.   I have no issues casting to the TV from other devices (phones, computers, tablets).

Any thoughts or things I can try? My network is dual band (2.4 / 5 Ghz).  Maybe the Quest is on the 2.4 size and the TV is using 5 Ghz... does that matter? Just grasping at straws here.


  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 289
    Nexus 6
    The Quest originally at launch only supported chrome cast v3 and v3 ultra but If I remember rightly they did update it to support other version of chrome cast (not sure built into TV's where supported).

    If your not seeing it on the Quest to stream to then your TV's chrome cast version is not supported or you could look to see if any firmware is available for you tv that will update your version of chrome cast.
  • TalasynTalasyn Posts: 2
    Thanks - I'll look to see what version my TV supports.

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