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Oculus Rift S Can't Hook Up With My Displayport...


I'm trying to hook up ''Oculus Rift S'' to my PC. But... I can't get past the set-up process. Step 1 involves sticking in USB 3.0 and DisplayPort. Which I have done. Oculus Rift S connects to the USB but it doesn't connect to the Displayport. It gives me a fat red ''X'' and tells DisplayPort not connected or something along those lines. I've tried re-installing the Oculus app, updating drivers, my system and plugging in cables into multiple other slots but without luck.

Interestingly enough, the headset worked on my friend's laptop via mini DisplayPort. Maybe he has a more powerful laptop than I have my pc/GPU?

My PC specs:

Motherboard: Z77-hd3
Graphics card: GTX 660 2GB
Processor: i5 - 3570
Power supply - Sl-700A
USB - 3.0


  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,060 Valuable Player
    edited February 9
    I believe you are falling way below min specs there.
    Especially on the GPU.

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  • MatissSolaMatissSola Posts: 2
  • kasingsamkasingsam Posts: 5
    try clean (with clean utility) uninstall display card driver and reinstall it. I worked once , but after i reboot i am blank black again now
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