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My Touch controller restarts itself every few seconds

TheJuloTheJulo Posts: 6
Was playing Beat Saber and my Controllern turned off for a split second. The battery was low so I changed it, but it was still resetting. Weirdly, when I listen to the sound it makes, after few seconds of standard noise it makes a short screech.
Nothing is broken visually, and the controller was kept in good conditions.


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 355
    Sounds like it could be a bad connection to the battery. Are you sure you put good batteries in it? Are the battery terminals clean?
  • TheJuloTheJulo Posts: 6
    I’ve tried few different brands of batteries, but the ones i’ve been using we’re fine. Ports seem to be clean, but I can wipe them with some vinegar I guess
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