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Control Scheme Automatically Switches to "Oculus Touch" from "Default Context" in Elite Dangerous

timwagnertimwagner Posts: 3
Hi All!

So I'm dabbling around with Oculus Link on my Quest and I'm loving it so far! One challenge I'm seeing though is when I'm playing Elite Dangerous, I am trying to use just my gamepad using the "Default Context" control scheme. I'll flip it to that, but then seconds later, or in some cases instantly, it switches back to Oculus Touch. I'm not sure what's switching it back, but it's driving me crazy. Has anyone else seen this?



  • FrontierSupportFrontierSupport Posts: 111 Oculus Partner
    Sorry to hear that this is happening!

    Please send us a ticket via: and we'll be happy to help!

    -CMDR Vulcan
  • timwagnertimwagner Posts: 3
    Hi CMDR Vulcan! Will do, ticket created: #00000285141
  • timwagnertimwagner Posts: 3

    For anyone that comes across this in the future, the problem was related to the way I was running Elite. While the Oculus app was smart enough to find my Elite installation from Steam automatically, it wasn't launching Elite correctly. Oculus launches Elite directly, without using the Elite Launcher (when launching in VR mode -- it still uses the launcher if launching in desktop mode). Yet, when Oculus would launch the Elite through Steam, it was launching it via the launcher. It's not clear if this is explicitly the issue: launcher vs not launcher. It may very well be some other aspect of launching Elite via Steam. Either way...

    TLDR; The fix is to just install vanilla Elite Dangerous via the Oculus Store itself. It's possible you could also install the vanilla windows version of Elite as well and simply add it to your Oculus Library, although I haven't tested that.

    If you're not already aware, if you own Elite Dangerous for PC through Frontier you can redeem a code for Oculus so you can download the game in Oculus for free (and avoid buying the game over and over).

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