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Vader Immortal: Episode II won't install and I have no idea why, Help needed!

Copp3r1Copp3r1 Posts: 4
edited February 10 in Support
After re-downloading, uninstalling and restarting everything I have had no success what so ever. I get about 92% download done then get an error message 'Sorry, an error has occurred can't install your game now' (or something along those lines.) I can download everything else perfectly fine but I am now completely stuck. Can anyone help me out? Cheers.


  • NinjaG9771NinjaG9771 Posts: 1
    Im having the same issue except it will just say download failed and wont start downloading 

  • zainagzainag Posts: 7
    Looks like all facebook server caching is haywire. People have been trying to download Asgard's wrath and that's failing too. Try connecting via VPN to another country - Like New Zealand for instance.
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