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‘Lights Out’ 3DoF Mode for Rift S

Dear community,

as I didn't find according info via Google nor with the search function here, I wanted to ask:
Is there a 3DOF-Mode for the Rift S? 
I experienced that the Rift S often loses the "game area" which then has to be setup again. To show simple 3DOF experiences such as 360°-Videos, it would be great if the Rift S can be used without this play area or guardian. Is there a possibility to use the ‘Lights Out’ 3DoF Mode as on the Oculus Quest also with the Rift S?


  • Bandara_VRBandara_VR Posts: 7
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    What might also work is to deny the Rift S to go to sleep mode, such keeping the tracking on.

    Is there any way to prevent the Rift S to go into sleep mode? I know that in the debug tool, the proximity sensor can be overruled, but as I read, the Rift S still goes into sleep mode after around 10 minutes.

    Thank you in advance!
  • Eradicator99Eradicator99 Posts: 25
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    Has this just begun happening with the recent update?

    Many are dealing with it but look around, there's a thread on this with a workaround so the guardian doesn't reset.

    There is a setup panel in the software on the left side....your settings for allowing content (needed for d/l'ing) and others are there. I'm not sure about sleep mode but is your DT setup to sleep? 

    If you are taking about the unit shutting off, that's a function of the contact switch in the presspad in the face mask .

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