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What the heck happened?

MigzMagicMigzMagic Posts: 2
I haven't used my quest for maybe 2 months. I go on and the tutorial comes on. I finally get to the home screen and none of my games, profile, or anything is up. I plug into the computer and see that my movie files are still there. The Wifi is working. What happened to my profile and stuff and how do I get it back?


  • ShowbizDonkeyShowbizDonkey Posts: 218 Oculus Staff
    Hey there - A good first step would be to fire up the Oculus mobile app on your phone, ensure you're signed in, and then reconnect your phone to the headset by selecting it from the list of available devices. After that, I'd recommend giving the Quest a quick reboot and then seeing if everything shows up again. If you're still having issues at that point, I'd recommend contacting Oculus support.
  • MigzMagicMigzMagic Posts: 2
    OK, that worked! Thanks!
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