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So I got this thing and have figured out saber beats and some other games (not bad) but try the RecRoom and am totally lost on how to move or do anything.  I mean I’m good with the content I buy but the rest is just impossible to understand (no instruction) garbage.  I’m sure I’m not doing something right as there are thousands of people using it but to me it’s impossible to understand or to even move.  I feel like I’m missing a big part of the experience...and it’s frustrating enough that I’ve put it down and posted here.  Actually done with the waste of money...I mean it it were not for the saber beats I’d have thrown the thing in the trash...


  • Eradicator99Eradicator99 Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    LOL....try the Rollercoasters.....and when you "ride" them, do it standing up!

    You won't be missing any of the experience then!

  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 505

    Don't throw the headset in the trash. It's not its fault that you can neither use controllers nor google. Seriously, it's absolutely not rocket science.
    Current VR results imo:
    - Great small apps. Great ports of bigger games.
    - Great VR-specific features. Not enough showcased!!!
    - Too many actors in the industry, the market is totally broken.

    My hopes for VR next gen:

    - Better ratio between visual quality and power needs. No more godrays and less SDE.
    - Full Body Tracking.

    "If you don't mind, do you want me to take you there? Where dreams come true."
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