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IMPORTANT for all cant use Link after FW Update 13 and Oc Client-Software13/14/PTC despite Audiofix

vargabloodvargablood Posts: 74
Hiro Protagonist
edited February 11 in Oculus Quest
If you used the debug tool to change render resolution (2912 for example like described by oculus) went into debug tool again and override render resolution to 0, or 2600 ... After doing that restart the oculus services and your link will work again. Tryed 2 days to get mine working again - it looks like the resolution tweak is written to registry or something else cause even full reinstall oder deleting folders didnt help me before .... now its working fine again.


  • MrBMTMrBMT Posts: 52
    Hiro Protagonist
    It'll work with anything up to 2784 for the render resolution, FYI.
    This issue may also only effect people with NVIDIA GPUs - if you still have to do this and have an AMD GPU, please let me know.
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