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Games over a certain size won't install no help from support

Shawnb86Shawnb86 Posts: 2
I just bought the oculus rift s but before I got it I wanted  To install the software and game so I was ready to play when it came in but the software when download unless I turned my virus defender completely off  And the 2 games I bought would not install after  Uninstall I the oculus software and re installing still the same and after dealing with support for 3 days they could not fix my problem and didn't know where it even came from but I know it's not my computer I know I have enough space and I know everything is up to date and the last thing  I was told was I don't know what your problem knees hopefully it'll get fixed in future update just be patient And offered a refund for the games which was OK I guess but honestly I would rather play the VR games on the $400 piece of equipment I just pay for so if anybody else is having this issue and got it fixed please let me know because support doesnt know


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